Experiencing the Good and Bad of Mens Anal Sex

Experiencing the Good and Bad of Mens Anal Sex

Getting involved in mens anal sex for the first time can be a bit frightening for some men. They seem to think that anal sex is something that they shouldn’t want to enjoy and yet, they are so curious about it that they will do just about anything for a simple taste of what it’s like. I know how that feels and I can tell you that I felt the exact same way. I wanted to try it out, but the whole stigma of enjoying anything anally seemed to keep me from exploring the pleasures that I could have been enjoying.

I would love to tell you that my first experience with mens anal sex was the highlight of my entire existence and how great it was, but that would be a lie. I want to tell you that it was the most intense thing I have ever been through and nothing that I have done since then has even come close to comparing to it, but that isn’t the truth, either. In fact, that very first time was one of the worst experiences in my life and almost made me give up my curiosity about anal sex altogether.

You have to be willing to look past the bad experiences with mens anal sex and see that there are reasons why it wasn’t all that good. For me, it was the fact that the guy I was with had no clue as to what he was doing and, since I didn’t, either, it was pretty much a cluster fuck no matter what; no pun intended. But once you have some practice and you know what you are doing, then it becomes the momentous occasion that you have been hoping to experience and that is what you want to strive for. Never let a bad experience keep you from trying new things in your life because a good experience could be right around the corner.


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